explainer video

"Updating our website and producing a product explainer video sounds very straightforward and my inbox is full of marketing emails from companies, UK and offshore, that say they can do that. However when I started talking to Fred at Under The Rooftops it became clear that I was not comparing like with like… Under The Rooftops have experience and knowledge and understanding and creativity that put them into a whole different league. It is no over-statement to say that you know you are working with a genius like Fred when he keeps on coming up with quality ideas and you just stand back and think ‘that is great, why didn’t I think of that?’.


What initially attracted me to using Under the Rooftops was Fred’s TV experience of explaining complex technical issues in simple terms – very relevant to my business. During the work, what impressed me most of all was his ability to be equally at home with the big idea and strategy – and then seamlessly switch to dealing with the detail and understanding the practical issues of filming and creating the animation – all under one roof without needing to use specialist sub-contractors."


Ed Douglas, Owner – Radio Systems Information Ltd