all under one rooftop...

Under the Rooftops is a multimedia creative communications agency that helps businesses maximise the power and potential of their communications and messaging. We originate from the world of documentary television production.


We believe that the way you communicate with each of your clients and potential customers should be unique, reflecting the tone, style and language appropriate for each of them. One size does NOT fit all!


Whether ‘client facing’ or ‘team motivating’, we can assist you with a range of multimedia wordcraft, storytelling, imagery and design services, designed specifically to inspire and create an impact.


As wordsmiths, storytellers AND creative designers we ensure that the correct message gets to the correct audience, in the most effective and impressive way and therefore with results beyond expectation.


Building a bespoke team for every project, we deliver the best combination of current television and film skills available, with experience from all major global channels and genres.


Some of the services we provide to help you create iconic and effective messages are:


• Copy editing and copy writing

• Storytelling techniques and workshops

• Creative design and layout

• Imagery and photography

• Video production

• Motion graphics

• Web design


Then throw into the mix our exceptionally talented and experienced business gurus, and you have everything you could possibly need, all under one roof (top)!


"It is no over-statement to say that you know you are working with a genius like Fred when he keeps on coming up with quality ideas and you just stand back and think ‘that is great, why didn’t I think of that?’.


What impressed me most of all was his ability to be equally at home with the big idea and strategy – and then seamlessly switch to dealing with the detail and understanding the practical issues of filming and creating the animation..."


Hartridge Manor Barn


TN17 2NA

United Kingdom